Triumph at the Top: Seven Summit Treks' Successful Everest Expedition 2023 Comes to an End

May 27, 2023

A huge congratulation to our Everest Expedition team members and Sherpas for the successful ascent of the world's highest mountain this spring season.

As the successful Everest expedition came to an end, the climbers took a moment to reflect on their arduous journey. It was a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome obstacles, achieve greatness, and reach for the skies. As the climbers return to the lowlands, they carry with them a profound sense of accomplishment and the memories of a lifetime, forever changed by the triumph at the top of the world.

Summiteer List on different dates:

15 MAY 2023

  1. Xianjie Zeng (China)
  2. Sikai Du (China)
  3. Anlin Jiang (China)
  4. Xiangyu Peng (China)
  5. Zhuouan Xu (China)
  6. Guai Zeng (China)
  7. Daoyong Li (China)
  8. Artem Gurshtein (Russia)
  9. Ze Yong (China)
  10. Miao Yong (China)
  11. Jiang Yang (China)
  12. San Jimu (China)
  13. Luc Beitinckx (China)
  14. Lakpa Sange Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)
  15. Kaji Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  16. Taraman Tamang (Makalu-1, Sankhuwasabha)
  17. Pasang Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  18. Mingma Nurbu Sherpa (Makalu-6, Sankhuwasabha)
  19. Lakpa Tenje Sherpa (Makalu-1, Sankhuwasabha)
  20. Chhangba Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  21. Sirjangbu Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  22. Pasang Kami Sherpa (Solukhumbu-4)
  23. Mingma Tenjen Sherpa (Makalu-4, Sankhuwasabha)
  24. Phurba Chotar Sherpa (Solukhumbu-9)
  25. Mingma Nuru Sherpa (Solukhumbu-8)
  26. Tenjing Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  27. Fura Jangbu Sherpa (Solukhumbu-8)
  28. Pemba Tasi Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  29. Ang Tashi Sherpa (Makalu-1, Sankhuwasabha)
  30. Phurbu Kusang Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  31. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  32. Kusang Sherpa (Makalu-1, Sankhuwasabha)

16 MAY 2023

  1. Dmitry Razumov (Russia)
  2. Oleg Razumov (Russia)
  3. Vladimir Kotlyar (Russia)
  4. Sonam Tasi Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)

17 MAY 2023

  1. Kadyrakun Nurmamatov (Kyrgyzstan)
  2. Andrej Gradisnik (Slovenia)
  3. Rouhollah Kazemi (Iran)
  4. Kuldeep Deswal (India)
  5. Ravichandran Tharumalingam (Malaysia)
  6. Chinh Phu Chu (USA)
  7. Igor Kushnir (Ukraine)
  8. Oksana Kushnir (Cyprus)
  9. Oleg Ivanchenko (Ukraine)
  10. Darren John Verploegen (USA)
  11. Kami Rita Sherpa (Solukhumbhu-7)
  12. Pemba Chhiring Sherpa (Dobhane-8, Bhojpur)
  13. Guru Bhote (Hatiya-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  14. Chhedar Bhote (Bhotkhola-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  15. Jyamjo Lama (Hatiya-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  16. Ang Sumba Sherpa (Makalu-8, Sankhuwasabha)
  17. Dawanguck Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  18. Ngang Dorchi Bhote (Bhotkhola-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  19. Sonam Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)
  20. Nyima Gyalu Sherpa (Solukhumu-9)
  21. Lakpa Thendu Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)
  22. Ngang Dorchi Bhote (Bhotkhola-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  23. Dorchi Bhote (Bhotkhola-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  24. Pimba Bhote (Hatiya-2, Sankhuwasabha)
  25. Lakpa Temba Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  26. Mingtemba Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  27. Lakpa Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  28. Sonam Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)

18 MAY 2023

  1. Anna Birukova (USA)
  2. Alina Pekova (Russia)
  3. Ngima Sherpa (Sotang-2, Solukhumbu)
  4. Sona Chhiri Sherpa
  5. Pasang Tenje Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)

19 MAY 2023

  1. Martin Jachym (Czech Republic)
  2. Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya (Singapore)
  3. Maria Andrea Dorantes Hernandez (Mexico)
  4. Asad Ali Memon (Pakistan)
  5. Dorchi Sherpa (Makalu-3, Sankhuwasabha)
  6. Pemba Rinji Sherpa (Makalu-4, Sankhuwasbha)
  7. Ngima Washer Sherpa (Mahakulung-1, Solukhumbu)
  8. Dendi Sherpa (Bung-9, Solukhumbu)
  9. Lakpa Chhiri Sherpa (Juving-5, Solukhumbu)
  10. Dawajbu Bhote (Hatiya-1, Sankhuwasabha)

22 MAY 2023

  1. Scott Lehmann (USA)
  2. Shayna Unger (USA)
  3. Bernardo Pereira Mascarenhas Da Fonseca (Brazil)
  4. Gabriel Tarso Parente Carvalho M Silva (Brazil)
  5. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  6. Mingma Tenje Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  7. Nurpu Bhote (Hatiya-1, Sankhuwasabha)
  8. Dawa Sangay Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  9. Dendi Sherpa (Mali-8, Dolakha)
  10. Jenjen Lama (Hatiya-3, Sankhuwasabha)

23 MAY 2023

  1. Wen Yi Song (Canada)
  2. Jacob Urth (Denmark)
  3. Emma Oestergaard (Denmark)
  4. Rafael Jaime Jaramillo (Mexico)
  5. Katrin Merisalu (Estonia)
  6. Kristin Harila (Norway)
  7. Jake Julian Barrington Meyer (United Kingdom)
  8. Kami Rita Sherpa (Solukhumbu)
  9. Tenjen Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha
  10. Gesman Tamang (Solududhkunda-8, Solukhumbu)
  11. Anish Tamang (Solududhkunda-4, Solukhumbu)
  12. Ngima Dorchi Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  13. Sangbu Bhote (Hatiya-1, Sankhuwasabha)
  14. Nima Sherpa (Matsyapokhari-4, Sankhuwasabha)
  15. Phursang Sherpa (Waku-4, Solukhumbu)
  16. Dawa Temba Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)

24 MAY 2023

  1. Antonina Samoilova (Ukraine)
  2. Antonio Schiena (Italy)
  3. Benjamin Douglas Farrar (USA)
  4. Aleksandr Yul Gromen (Germany)
  5. Tyler Stanley Rogers (USA)
  6. Sona Sherpa (Chapali Bhadrakali-9, Kathmandu)
  7. Tashi Gyalzen Sherpa (Khumjung-9, Solukhumbu)
  8. Dawa Rinje Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  9. Ngima Dorchi Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhuwasabha)
  10. Pastenji Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  11. Rima Rinji Sherpa (Juving-5, Solukhumbu)
  12. Ngima Dorji Sherpa (Solukhumbu-2)
  13. Nima Rinji Sherpa (Makalu-1, Sankhuwasabha)
  14. Shir Jangbu Sherpa (Makalu-2, Sankhuwasabha)
  15. Pasang Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)
  16. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa (Makalu-9, Sankhwasabha)
  17. Taraman Tamang (Makalu-1, Sankhuwasabha)

27 MAY 2023

  1. Gelje Sherpa (Tapting-3, Solukhumbu)
  2. Chhiring Namgel Sherpa (Khumjung-8, Sankhuwasabha)
  3. Mingma Thinduk Sherpa (Makalu-5, Sankhuwasabha)

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Lukáš Jasenský

Mardi Himal trek. A wonderful trek ideal even for beginners. Wonderful views, great facilities. Our choice for this trek was through our honeymoon. Seven Summit Treks organized and prepared everything. Sherpa Tashi and porter Nima were great. We could talk, they always prepared everything. I have been in contact with the guys from Seven Summit Treks since the expedition to Makalu and I know that I can rely on them. Thank you for your help and wonderful experience. And see you at the next event.

Sofie Lenaerts


Our first co-operation was in 2013 in Pakistan with Arnold Coster expeditions and Sevensummittreks towards the Gasherbrum. After that, we continued to work together on expeditions towards Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Manaslu (winter), and AmaDablam. For me, SST is a very professional company with a lot of experience and knowledge. We have full confidence in their capabilities and appreciate their flexibility. I would like to thank them for all those years of cooperation and I look forwards to new adventures in Nepal and Pakistan.

Brad Johnson

I have been on many expeditions in Nepal over the years, most of them I organized with friends and used Seven Summit Treks only for their base camp services with great service! This year none of my friends were available to climb in Nepal in the Autumn season so I contacted SST and decided to sign up for the Mera Peak and Baruntse expedition. SST organized everything and provide me with a personal climbing Sherpa for the entire trip. Throughout the entire trip, everything was taken care of by SST, including lodging, tea houses, and meals. At Baruntse base camp I had a nice private tent and the cook and kitchen staff always had smiles and cooked great meals. My Sherpa (Jangbu) was great and we became close friends and climbing partners. Jangbu was always there with a smile, a very strong climber, always wanting to help in any way he could. There was plenty of time to decide how and when we were going to make a summit push based on the weather. We had fantastic summit days on both peaks and finished the trip crossing the Amphu Labste pass into the Khumbu Valley staying each night in nice lodges with all meals included. I would highly recommend using SST for any expedition that you want to go on. Thank you Seven Summit Treks for a great trip and your attention to detail!!

Mohamed H. Al Khalifa


Seven summits are the best! Very professional highly recommended and fun people to work with.. 👏

Nir Shah

Great Britain

My wife and I had an amazing experience with Seven Summits for the Everest Base Camp Trek. The company was extremely hospitable with a welcome dinner on day 1, including an introduction to our guide. Speaking of our guide, Phurkitar, he was simply brilliant. During the trek, he was very patient as both of us went through physical and emotional tiredness, and he ensured we reached EBC without any major issues. In addition, he helped cater to my vegan and my wife's vegetarian diets throughout the trek. Cannot compliment Phurkitar enough for all his efforts.

Would readily book with Seven Summits again.