Mohamed H. Al Khalifa



Seven summits are the best! Very professional highly recommended and fun people to work with.. 👏

Nir Shah

Great Britain


My wife and I had an amazing experience with Seven Summits for the Everest Base Camp Trek. The company was extremely hospitable with a welcome dinner on day 1, including an introduction to our guide. Speaking of our guide, Phurkitar, he was simply brilliant. During the trek, he was very patient as both of us went through physical and emotional tiredness, and he ensured we reached EBC without any major issues. In addition, he helped cater to my vegan and my wife's vegetarian diets throughout the trek. Cannot compliment Phurkitar enough for all his efforts.

Would readily book with Seven Summits again.

Chris Huntsman



These guys are the real deal. Incredibly professional and helpful; I genuinely couldn’t imagine hiking to base camp any other way.

Seven summits planned everything, lodging, flights, and meals. All I had to do was show up and hike. My bag got lost on the way into Lukla (the airlines' fault not Seven Summits) but these guys (Sherpa Chhepal) organized a personal porter to bring my pack up to us since we’d already started our trek.

Not only did Chhepal square away a porter but he did even more digging and got my bag on a helicopter instead. I had it first thing in the morning; it was incredible. When I was heading back to Kathmandu once we were finished, I realized I had time to catch an earlier flight if I could get out of Lukla on time. Well our flight was delayed but Seven Summits squoze me on a helicopter, got me to KTM, and I started making my journey home an entire day early because of that.

Besides being super knowledgeable, helpful, A+ customer service, and everything else, these guys were just cool to hang out with. Made a lot of friends and would recommend Seven Summits to anyone in my circle.

Damon Tedford



I had an excellent experience with these guys. They had a stellar Ama Dablam basecamp, a solid group of Sherpas, and great food. I'll be using them again on future climbs.

Richard McConnell



Simply the best in the business.

We climbed Lobuche East, Manaslu, and Everest with SST. The quality of guidance, Sherpa support, training, and service was second to none.

Due to Covid, we had to combine our Lobuche and Manaslu expeditions, normally this would be a huge logistical nightmare for any other company, SST have the team size, logistic support, and experience to make this happen…. All of this was also done during the lockdown. We were in a unique position being a national team, we could isolate ourselves before travel and upon arrival in Nepal, we had no fixed timeline to meet and had the use of a military aircraft for travel so SST presented this to the Nepalese Government who agreed to use us as the test case and allow us to climb in autumn 2020 and see if it would be possible to open the Khumbu for the spring 2021 season.

Both Lobuche and Manaslu were a huge success, the basecamp and higher camp setup were fantastic, the staff was amazing throughout and it made us look forward to Everest.

Everest was even better, the training, trek, and climbing were fully supported, we didn’t have to ask for anything, SST fixed the ropes to the summit and planned our climb perfectly, and we were the first team to the summit on the first day of the first weather window… couldn’t have planned it any better. We felt fully supported and safe throughout!

We went for an all-inclusive package so booked all of our travel, insurance, kit and equipment, full basecamp and climbing service included, as well as a full 90-minute documentary made by their climbing camera team.

Overall an amazing company that I would thoroughly recommend to everyone, their experience, skills, reputation, and connections within all levels of government mean they can provide what others can’t…. Don’t always believe the hype around other companies…. They’re almost always on an SST permit, using SST Sherpas and base camp staff and use SST to set up their base camps, etc… around 50% of climbers on Everest in 2021 were on SST permits.


Chris Burrows



After many months of researching the best Company in Nepal to facilitate the Bahrain Everest summit attempt, it became very obvious that there was only one company to make this happen. SST from start to Finish excelled in every aspect of the expedition planning and delivery. Their knowledge was passed in from the very start especially when it came to safety, insurance, and rescue provisions for the team. The equipment that was provided for Mt Lobuche, Mt Manaslu, and then Mt Everest was second to none. Where equipment rarely failed it was replaced.

The contact throughout by their admin team was constant and provided us with the support we needed. - Chris (Bahrain Everest Team Leader)

Philip Clough



We spent 2020 and 2021 climbing with Seven Summits Treks, and to sum up that lengthy period, they were simply outstanding!! You know from the outset that it is a family-run business because immediately upon arrival you feel like a member of the extended family. Nothing is too much trouble, and they take great care to make sure that you are in the best possible position to achieve your aim. I have been very fortunate to have climbed three Nepalese peaks with Seven Summits, and I very much hope to climb many more with them and their team.

A brilliant company that I would highly, highly recommend to anyone thinking of climbing or trekking in Nepal!!

Sophie Lavaud



“This is now several seasons that I’m climbing peaks above 8000 meters with Seven Summit Treks and I succeed in many expeditions with them. Especially during the last years, I saw a great improvement regarding logistics, base camp service, Sherpa teams, and management. The four brothers, Mingma, Dawa, Tashi, and Pasang Sherpa, founders of the company, along with a strong team behind them are nowadays very popular and successful. In my point of view, they deserve it!”

Daniel Stringham



I had a wonderful experience with Seven Summits Trek. Everyone was professional and very focused on meeting the needs of our team. The logistics ran smoothly and things were otherwise well organized. I particularly appreciated the fact that Seven Summits was flexible, in that they were open to our suggestions about adjusting the schedule. The bottom line for me is it felt as if we were partners with Seven Summits Trek rather than just their clients.

Thomas Wilkinson



I did the Everest Expedition with Seven Summits and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I and my group were all impressed with the service, the food, and our Sherpas. Whatever we needed while trekking, at EBC or on the mountain, these guys were on top of it. When registering, we requested a western menu and the cooks did a great job of meeting our needs with delicious meals. We didn't want to waste time on the mountain and they adjusted our itinerary to meet our needs. Lastly, our Sherpas were experienced, safe, and detail-oriented as they guided us to the summit and back down. I would recommend Seven Summits to others.

Aparna Kumar



Seven Summit Treks P. Ltd is a Nepal-based company. I am extremely happy to be associated with one of the most professional, committed, and efficient Companies. I had a great experience with them while climbing Everest from the Northside in 2016. In 2017, I climbed Manaslu Peak with Seven Summits. Mingma and Dawa Sherpa strived to provide all necessary information, arranged all the logistics efficiently, and provided the best tents, food, and other facilities. Their Sherpas are excellent and even other ground staff have been extremely helpful and cordial.  I plan to climb many more peaks with seven summits as they are extremely competent and the best in the business. I extend my deep appreciation, gratitude, and thanks to the wonderful, hard-working Seven Summit team.

Flor Cuenca Flower Wayta



Seven Summit Treks is a company run by the Sherpa brothers. On my expedition to MANASLU, the company provided me with all the services offered. Excellent food, good tents where I felt like in a five-star hotel, only here I had a thousand stars. The manager of the company Dawa Sherpa gave me many pieces of information on how to do better to succeed at the summit, I followed his advice and I was able to achieve the summit. The company has professional sherpas that carry out their activities with great enthusiasm and a lot of responsibility. They are delivered at one hundred percent to the care and guidance of their customers. I can only say that I am very happy to have hired this company for my expedition. Thank you very much to the Seven Summit Treks team.

Seven Summit Treks


Below the different grades shown in the chart are explained in more detail.

For Expeditions

  1. Easy (E): Climb requires one-day climbs, or a multiday climbs with non-technical elements.
  2. Moderate (M): Either a serious one-day climbs, or a multiday climbs with some technical elements. Requires an average level of physical fitness.
  3. Difficult (D): Multiday climbs with some moderately technical elements. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.
  4. Hard Difficult (HD): Multiday, Highly technical climb. Requires high level of physical fitness and stamina.
  5. Very Difficult (VD): Multiday, Extremely technical climb. Requires very high level of Physical fitness and stamina.


Below the different grades shown in the chart are explained in more detail.

For Trekking

  1. Light: Light walking and generally level hiking that is good for most fitness levels. During these trips, hill-walking experience is desirable.
  2. Moderate: Trek has various types of moderate to difficult terrain, including rough trails and normally 3 to 5 hours a day. Requires an average to above average fitness level.
  3. Moderate+: High altitude treks above 3000 meters or in fairly difficult terrain- normally 4 to 6 hours a day. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.
  4. Extreme: These high altitude treks or passes are known to be the most strenuous and has difficult terrain and conditions. These treks may require a degree of mountaineering skills and you capability of carrying on normally at an altitude of 4000-5600 meters. Daily walking is 5-8 hours approx.