VVIP MT. EVEREST EXPEDITION is a luxury service with an ultimate adventure experience that allows members to stand on top of the highest point in the world.

46 Days
5 Excellent

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  • Max. Elevation:
    8848.86m / 29,032ft
  • Walking Per Day:
    5 - 6 Hours
  • Accommodation:
    Hotel + Lodge + Tent
  • Best Season:
  • Group Size:
    1 - 2 PAX





Peak Name

Mt. Everest


46 Days


S-Col; SE- Ridge



Weather Reports



Mahalangur Range

Trip Overview

VVIP MT. EVEREST EXPEDITION is a luxury service that gives people an opportunity to stand on top of the highest point in the world for an extra added price. If you want to experience what it feels like to be on the highest point on the planet and have a strong economic background to compensate for your old age and your fear of risks, you can sign up for the VVIP MT. Everest Expedition service is offered by Seven Summit Treks. This service facilitates you to experience the feeling of accomplishment that one gets while succeeding in an adventurous sport, all while providing the highest levels of safety and comfort that can be imagined in such a difficult landscape.

We will take the Normal southern route to the summit. We will fly by helicopter from Kathmandu to Namche Bazaar (3440 M) and after 2 days of rest and hike we will fly from Namche to Dingboche (4940 M) by helicopter and after 2 nights of rest, we will trek from Dingboche till to Everest base camp in according to itinerary along with your UIAGM guide and private cook, who will cook food for you as according to your order whereas for sleep we will do in Lodges. After acclimatizing at basecamp for several days we will approach the summit of Lobuche Peak (6119m) and after completion if Lobuche will return to Everest base camp. We will move on to Camp I (6,065m) where we will see the Khumbu glacier.  From Khumbu Glacier, it’s around 450m on a gradual slope to Camp II (6,750m) and around 610m to Camp III (7,100m). Camp III is located at the head of Lhotse. From this point onwards, you will reach Camp IV (7,910m) after just crossing 8000 m elevations.

Our Airbus, Heli Everest will be supporting our team by supplying fresh - fruits, vegetables, meats, and other food items almost every day, and it’s also always ready for your safety at your needs at any time.

" We await to serve you our service and share our experience with you "


  • 1 UIAGM Guide
  • 3 Personal Sherpa– Everest Summiteer Sherpa
  • One Personal Photographer
  • + Lobuche Peak climbing (6119m)
  • All climbing gears and equipment


  • Day 1
    Arrival in Kathmandu (1400m) & Transfer to Hotel
    5 Star Hotel

    Upon your arrival at Kathmandu airport, a Seven Summit Treks representative will receive you and accompany you to the hotel. The end of the day will be marked by a welcome dinner organized by the company during which you will be introduced to the member of the team that will accompany you to the summit of Mt. Everest.

  • Day 2
    Rest day in Kathmandu
    5 Star Hotel

    On the rest day, you are allowed to rest before making preparations for the upcoming venture. Seven Summit Treks will provide you with an elaborate presentation regarding the upcoming trip. You can even go shopping and meet friends. If you are interested, you can go sightseeing inside the Kathmandu Valley. The company will arrange a private vehicle for the same.

  • Day 3
    Preparation Day
    5 Star Hotel

    On the third day, you are given an opportunity to make final preparation for your trip to Namche Bazaar. You will also be given an elaborate checklist of materials and gears that you need to make sure that you possess before taking off. You can go shopping if you deem it necessary. Any approvals relating to the trip to Everest Area will be received by the end of that day. At the end of the day, a program will be organized for briefing you regarding the details of the upcoming expedition and the roles and responsibilities of the team members. You shall also be introduced to the directors and other company staff like UIAGM Guide and potters who will accompany you to the summit.

  • Day 4
    Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (2,860m)

    You will take a flight to Lukla after having a breakfast. It takes around 35 minutes to reach lukla. You will be staying overnight in Lukla.

  • Day 5
    Rest Day in Lukla (Acclimatization Hike)

  • Day 6
    Helicopter flight from Lukla to Namche Bazar (3,440m)

    After breakfast, a helicopter flight will fly you and the members of your team to Namche, the gateway to Mount Everest. The best hotel in Namche will be booked for you for your accommodations. Lunch and dinner will be arranged at the very hotel. This part of the trip is important for you considering your body’s acclimatization to the suddenly raised elevation. Namche or Namche Bazar is a settlement located at an elevation of 3950 m above sea level. It is located within Sagarmatha National Park which is also dubbed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. Often called the Gateway to Everest, Namche offers a very magical view of snow-clad mountain ranges. You can observe mountain peaks like Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Kongde from Namche Bazar. If you are interested, you will also be provided a taste of Sherpa’s life and culture. You can also visit Namche Monastery, Namche Museum of Sherpa Life, Namche of Local Medicinal Herb, Tibetian Herbal Medicine, etc.

  • Day 7
    Full-Day rest in Namche Bazzar (Acclimatization Day)

    You will also spend the second day in Namche. It is an important part of the acclimatization process that your body needs to go through before setting off to a higher elevation. If you are interested in a day hike, your teammates will accompany you to Khumjung Village. During your second day at Namche as well, we will continuously provide you with glimpses of life in Namche, its heritage, and culture. However, that doesn’t mean you will be totally cut off from the luxuries of the city. We will make the best attempts to make sure that you are provided with all facilities that are available. Our directors will frequently make phone contacts with you and inquire about your wishes so that they can direct their representatives regarding the same. You will be provided Wi-Fi services and other communication facilities that will enable you to make contact with your loved ones.

  • Day 8
    Hike from Namche Bazzar to Everest View Hotel (3,880m)

  • Day 9
    Helicopter flight from Everest View Hotel to Dingboche (4,240m)

    Since it is a luxury expedition, you will be provided with a helicopter for your transportation. We will not insist you on walking until it is necessary for you to walk or if you will be missing out on a very important part of the adventure. Dingboche is another step of our journey. It is a magnificent place that offers a stunning view of the Himalayas. A hotel will be reserved for your accommodation and food will be made available according to your taste until and unless it hampers your ability to cope with the environment you are facing. Staying in Dingboche is a very important part of acclimatization. Here, your UIAGM Guide will brief you about the upcoming journey. This will help you gather some perspective regarding the adventure.

  • Day 10
    Rest in Dingboche: Acclimatization hike Chhukung (5,546m)

    You will spend the following day also at Dingboche. You will be provided an array of activities which you can take up. If you are interested in day hikes, your entourage can accompany you to Nagarjun Hill or Chukkhung Valley for viewing the mountain peaks like Makalu, Lhotse, Charlotte, Tawache, and Ama Dablam.

  • Day 11
    Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche (4940m)

    Following your stay at Dingboche, you will begin trekking upwards to Lobuche. Trekking is very important for getting used to the high altitude and also testing your caliber. Trekking helps you to gain vigor and maintain fitness. On the way to Lobuche, we see prayer flags fixed in the memory of Babu Tsheri Sherpa, 10-time Everest climber and Scott Fischer, an American mountaineer. Astounding views of peaks like Khumbutse, Lingtren, Pumori and Mahalangur Himal can be seen throughout the way. The day ends when you reach Lobuche where you will be placed at a hotel.

  • Day 12
    Trek from Lobuche to Gorakshep (5150m)

    The next day, you will embark on the trek to Gorakshep (5150 m). At the end of the day, after reaching Gorakshep, you will be placed at a hotel. You will provide you satellite phones and necessary potters. Your team will be equipped to handle every possible contingency.

  • Day 13
    Trek from Gorakshep to Everest Base Camp (5300m)

    After spending a night at Gorakshep, your team heads upwards to Everest Base Camp. It is normally 3 hours walk but since VVIP Everest Expedition is also about comfort, we do not rush it. There will be a setup of a camp for the members and all staff.

  • Day 14-15
    Rest Day at Everest Base Camp

    The day after you reach the base camp is separated as a resting day. There will be the provision of luxury North Face tents or Kailas for you to stay in. Throughout your stay in EBC, you will be provided with a separate kitchen and restroom. A luxury bed, mattress, pillow, etc. will be arranged. There will be continuous availability of satellite phone services for communication. If the service doesn’t betray, there will be Wi-Fi service too. You will be provided with hot water for the shower. The members of your team will provide you with whatever luxury can be provided. The food will be of your choice. Despite being the resting day, there will be some preparation for the upcoming training.

  • Day 16
    Training at the Everest Base Camp

    From this day onwards, your training at the base camp begins. Your team will help you prepare for the rigorous activity that lies ahead – the ascent to Everest. In fact, every activity that you embark on that day onward is directed to one thing and one thing only, i.e. preparing for the accent. Your guide will tutor you on how to walk on ice, how to climb ladders, how to climb across crevices, and how to tackle if an unfavorable situation arises. The foremost of all the training includes the icefall training. You will spend the day at Everest Base Camp.

  • Day 17
    Rest / Training / Puja at Basecamp

  • Day 18
    Descend back to Lobuche

  • Day 19
    Hike from Lobuche to Lobuche High Camp (5400m)

  • Day 20
    Ascend from High Camp to Lobuche (6119m) Summit

  • Day 21
    Reserve / Contingency Day

  • Day 22
    Trek from Lobuche to Everest Basecamp

  • Day 23
    Rest at Everest Base Camp

  • Day 24
    Ascent to Camp I (6,100m)

    As part of the serious acclimatization process, you climb to Camp I. Your journey will begin very early in the morning. For reaching camp I, you will have to cross the Khumbu Icefall. Khumbu Icefall is one of the most dangerous parts of the journey. Although the crevices may look small, they can be mouth to bigger ones, so you will have to rethink your every step and remain clipped to the fixed rope while crossing them. Climbing across the icefall is set to be a defining moment of your journey. After an almost five-hour trip over loose ice, going up and across the ladder and clipping off one and clipping into another rope, you will reach camp I. Your guide will provide you with instruction every step of the way and your potters will provide you with the required assistance. After reaching Camp I, the tent will be set up for you at Camp I and you will spend the rest of the day here.

  • Day 25
    Ascent o Camp II (6400m)

    After that, you begin your journey to Camp II early in the morning. Your team will slowly lead you across the silent valley to the rocky patch at the side of Lhotse Wall called Camp II. It is advised that you do not camp too close to Everest’s face because it tends to avalanche now and then. But you don’t really have to worry about camping. It’s your teammates’ responsibility to make sure that you are safe as you can be. You will most likely reach Camp II in the daytime.

  • Day 26
    Ascent to Camp III (7100m) and return to Camp II

    Your journey to Camp III will start early in the morning and you will reach Camp III at the daytime. However, you will only touch camp III and return back to the base camp the same day. You will stay at the Base Camp for the night.

  • Day 27
    Descent to Base Camp

  • Day 28
    Heli Flight back to Kathmandu
    5 Star Hotel

    You will leave the Base Camp behind and return back to Kathmandu in a helicopter. During the flight, you will be given a bird’s eye glimpse of the mountain peaks in the Eastern region of Nepal. You will be placed at a five-star hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 29-30
    Rest Day in Kathmandu
    5 Star Hotel

    You will be given time to rest. There will be personal transportation at your disposal if you want to go sightseeing. You can meet people if you like. You can talk to your family members and friends back in your country about the challenge you have accomplished so far. You have plenty of time to purchase things if you need them for your journey ahead.

  • Day 31
    Flight back to Namche Bazar (3440m)

    After breakfast, you will take a helicopter flight back to Namche along with your belongings. You will stay there for the night.

  • Day 32
    Overnight at Namche Bazar

    You will stay at Namche Bazar for the day.

  • Day 33
    Helicopter Flight from Namche to Everest Base Camp

    A helicopter will take you to the Everest Base Camp. You will rest there in the same setup as before will be in Base Camp. Your team will provide every comfort that can be achievable in that place.

  • Day 34
    Rest Day at Everest Base Camp

    You will rest at Everest Base Camp and prepare for upcoming training.

  • Day 35
    Training at Everest Base Camp; Final Preparation

    Your training will resume at the base camp. You will once again be trained to walk on icefalls, use ladders, etc. for getting used to the actual task of climbing Mount Everest.

  • Day 36
    Contingency days at Base Camp due to weather window

  • Day 37
    Ascent from Base Camp to Camp II

    Your team will begin the journey upward to Camp II early in the morning. Tents will already have been set up at camp II. Your team will reach Camp II and stop there for the day.

  • Day 38
    Ascent from Camp II to Camp III

    Your team will resume the journey to Camp III early in the morning. Tents and other facilities will already have been set up at camp III. Your team will reach Camp III and rest there for the day.

  • Day 39
    Ascent from Camp III to Camp IV (7910m); Start summit push in the evening

    The team will slowly advance towards camp IV. It is highly probable that you will need oxygen cylinders to cope with thinning oxygen that comes with increasing altitude. There will be enough stock of oxygen at your disposal. Even if you feel that you need an oxygen supply at any point in the trip prior to this, oxygen can be readily provided. There, you will rest in camp IV for few hours.

  • Day 40
    Take the summit of Mt. Everest (8848.86m) and return to Camp IV

    You will begin your journey towards the summit of Everest early in the morning. Sherpas and your guide will accompany you towards the summit. All necessary material will be carried by your team and will be made promptly available if necessary. After a journey to the summit that is guaranteed to be grueling and tiresome, you will return to Camp IV the same day.

  • Day 41
    Descent from Camp IV to Camp II or Base Camp

    You and your team descend from Camp IV and reach the Everest Base Camp. A helicopter will carry you from there to Kathmandu the same day. You will be received at the airport and you will once again be placed at a five-star hotel. In the evening, there will be a celebration of your conquest which the managers and directors of the company will also attend.

  • Day 42
    Rest Day in Base Camp; Clean-up

  • Day 43
    Fly from Base Camp to Kathmandu
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 44
    Leisure day in Kathmandu
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 45
    Sightseeing around Kathmandu city and shopping day
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 46
    Transfer to International Airport for final departure

Route Map

Cost Includes

  • AIRPORT PICK-UP & DROP : Both International and Domestic airports pick up and drop.
  • ACCOMMODATION IN KATHMANDU : All required Nights in a five-star hotel under Full Board Plan in Kathmandu.
  • WELCOME DINNER : Dinner at Nepalese or European Restaurant with Office Staffs and Sherpas.
  • CARGO CLEARANCE : Assistance for cargo clearance in Nepal’s Custom Department, clearance cost is subject to a charge. *before the expedition
  • PERMITS : Expedition Royalty and permit of Nepal Government to climb Mt. Everest and Lobuche Peak, Sagarmatha National Park permit, TIMS CARD & Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Permit and its fee.
  • SINGLE PERMIT : Single Climbing Permit for Each Member.
  • LIAISON OFFICER : 1 Government Liaison officer with full equipment, Daily salary, and insurance.
  • KHUMBU ICEFALL CHARGES : Khumbu Ice Fall Climbing charge to Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC).
  • GARBAGE DEPOSIT : Garbage deposit fee and rubbish collection cost.
  • TRANSPORTATION : As per the itinerary, all the land transportation in Kathmandu is by private vehicles.
  • HELICOPTER FLIGHT : All Helicopter flights as per the Itinerary. From Kathmandu to Namche, Namche to Dingboche, During the expedition return back to Kathmandu and after Expedition from Everest BC to Kathmandu.
  • INSURANCE : Medical & Emergency rescue Insurance for all involved Nepalese staff, Sherpas and UIAGM Guide during the trek and expedition.
  • TREKKING : All logistic management, trek from Dingboche to Everest Base camp with UIAGM guide and private cook who will be cooking foods for a member, Overnight stay at the lodge and Member all personal belongings will be carried by porters.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER : One Personal Photographer during the trip.
  • FOODS : Hygienic foods during the trek and the expedition is of no limit.
  • DRINKS : Hot water, tea, and coffee during the trek and Expedition are of no limit.
  • MEMBER LUGGAGE : Up to 200 Kg member’s personal luggage during the trek carried by the porters.
  • BASE CAMP EQUIPMENT : Personal the North Face / Kailas Tent for Member, Private Kitchen tent, Private Dining Tent, One Communication Tent, Private Shower tent, Private toilet tent, and Kitchen Utensils.
  • HEATER : Heater at base camp in each tent for members.
  • SOLAR / GENERATOR / LIGHT : 1 Solar panel and Generator for lights at base camp, battery charge, for laptop and other electronic devices.
  • BASE CAMP STAFFS : 1 Experienced Base camp cook, kitchen helper, and 1 base camp manager.
  • HIGH CAMP SERVICE : High Altitude Tent, Necessary cooking EPI gas, cooking pot for a member, High food for a member, Sherpa, all climbing and cooking crew at (C1) (C2) (C3) (C4). All climbing gears, fixed and dynamic rope during the climbing period as required.
  • LOBUCHE HIGH CAMP : High Camp Service at Lobuche Peak High Camp.
  • ROPE FIXING : The team of experienced Sherpas will fix the route In Everest (no extra charge will be applied to members).
  • TRAINING : Ice wall and Ladder training at basecamp by UIAGM Gide.
  • SPECIAL CARE BY DIRECTORS : Guidance and instruction by Mingma Sherpa 1ST 8000 M summiteer of South Asia, Chhang Dawa Sherpa world’s youngest 8000 M summiteer and Tashi Lakpa Sherpa Multiple Everest Summiteer and many more 8000 M Mountain Summiteer.
  • GAMOW BAG : 1 Rescue sled (Gamow bag) for an emergency.
  • RESCUE TEAM : A team of Sherpa at Camp II, for emergency and rescue purposes.
  • REST IN NAMCHE : Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Namche (rest in Namche) and Namche to Dingboche (1 time).
  • REST IN KATHMANDU : Helicopter flight from Everest base camp - Kathmandu - Everest Base camp via Namche (1 time).
  • UIAGM GUIDE : 1 UIAGM guide will be with you from Kathmandu to Kathmandu all the time for your Guidance.
  • WELL EXPERIENCED SHERPAS : 3 well experienced, veteran and strong climbing Sherpa who has summited Everest multiple times will be with Member and one UIAGM guide from base camp to summit, they will be helping in each step during the ascent and carrying all the member belongings, Oxygen Bottles and necessary stuff for high camps till to the summit and back to the base camp.
  • UIAGM AND CLIMBING SHERPA ALLOWANCE / SALARY : Transportation, lodging, foods, Full Equipment, Daily Salary, Bonus, high camps set up, and route fixing cost.
  • OXYGEN AND MASK REGULATOR FOR MEMBER : 12 Bottles of (4 Liters) Oxygen to members and 2 sets of tested brand-new masks and regulators.
  • OXYGEN AND MASK REGULATOR FOR STAFFS : 4 Bottles of Oxygen to each climbing Sherpa and UIAGM guide and 1 set of Mask and regulator to each of them.
  • UNLIMITED INTERNET SERVICE : THURAYA IP+ or Available Internet service at base camp on unlimited uses basis.
  • WEATHER FORECAST : Weather forecast report from Meteotest, Bern (Switzerland) during the entire expedition.
  • SATELLITE PHONE TO CALL : Provision of Satellite Phone to call family, friends, and Relatives 1 hour a day.
  • BAR AND BAKERY FACILITY : Free bar and Free Fresh bakery at base camp for members privately.
  • FRESH FOODS : Fresh fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Meat, and Foods will be dropped by helicopter every week in base camp.
  • MEMBER INSURANCE : Travel and high altitude insurance, accident, medical & emergency evacuation for climbing members.
  • STAFF INSURANCE : Medical & Emergency rescue Insurance for all involved Nepalese staff during the trek and expedition.
  • 12 HOURS HELI SERVICE : In case of need we have our Helicopter at priority for your safety, all day.
  • MEDICAL DOCTOR : One Medical Doctor at basecamp along with the comprehensive medical kit for member

Cost Excludes

  • INTERNATIONAL AIRFARE : Flight from your home country to Nepal and Nepal to your home country.
  • MEMBER PERSONAL EQUIPMENTS : Member Personal climbing equipment.
  • SUMMIT BONUS AND TIPS : UIAGM Guide (USD 2000), Climbing Sherpa (USD 1500) per Sherpa and Kitchen staff’s tips (USD 800).

Fixed Dates

Date Status Group Size Action
46 Days
Start Date- 2023-04-09
End Date-2023-05-24
Booking Open Group Size 2 PAX Inquire Now Book Now


  • Philip Clough


    We spent 2020 and 2021 climbing with Seven Summits Treks, and to sum up that lengthy period, they were simply outstanding!! You know from the outset that it is a family-run business because immediately upon arrival you feel like a member of the extended family. Nothing is too much trouble, and they take great care to make sure that you are in the best possible position to achieve your aim. I have been very fortunate to have climbed three Nepalese peaks with Seven Summits, and I very much hope to climb many more with them and their team.

    A brilliant company that I would highly, highly recommend to anyone thinking of climbing or trekking in Nepal!!

  • Chris Burrows


    After many months of researching the best Company in Nepal to facilitate the Bahrain Everest summit attempt, it became very obvious that there was only one company to make this happen. SST from start to Finish excelled in every aspect of the expedition planning and delivery. Their knowledge was passed in from the very start especially when it came to safety, insurance, and rescue provisions for the team. The equipment that was provided for Mt Lobuche, Mt Manaslu, and then Mt Everest was second to none. Where equipment rarely failed it was replaced.

    The contact throughout by their admin team was constant and provided us with the support we needed. - Chris (Bahrain Everest Team Leader)

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    Highlight Of Trip

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    Seven Summit Treks


    Below the different grades shown in the chart are explained in more detail.

    For Expeditions

    1. Easy (E): Climb requires one-day climbs, or a multiday climbs with non-technical elements.
    2. Moderate (M): Either a serious one-day climbs, or a multiday climbs with some technical elements. Requires an average level of physical fitness.
    3. Difficult (D): Multiday climbs with some moderately technical elements. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.
    4. Hard Difficult (HD): Multiday, Highly technical climb. Requires high level of physical fitness and stamina.
    5. Very Difficult (VD): Multiday, Extremely technical climb. Requires very high level of Physical fitness and stamina.


    Below the different grades shown in the chart are explained in more detail.

    For Trekking

    1. Light: Light walking and generally level hiking that is good for most fitness levels. During these trips, hill-walking experience is desirable.
    2. Moderate: Trek has various types of moderate to difficult terrain, including rough trails and normally 3 to 5 hours a day. Requires an average to above average fitness level.
    3. Moderate+: High altitude treks above 3000 meters or in fairly difficult terrain- normally 4 to 6 hours a day. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.
    4. Extreme: These high altitude treks or passes are known to be the most strenuous and has difficult terrain and conditions. These treks may require a degree of mountaineering skills and you capability of carrying on normally at an altitude of 4000-5600 meters. Daily walking is 5-8 hours approx.

    Sofie Lenaerts


    Our first co-operation was in 2013 in Pakistan with Arnold Coster expeditions and Sevensummittreks towards the Gasherbrum. After that, we continued to work together on expeditions towards Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Manaslu (winter), and AmaDablam. For me, SST is a very professional company with a lot of experience and knowledge. We have full confidence in their capabilities and appreciate their flexibility. I would like to thank them for all those years of cooperation and I look forwards to new adventures in Nepal and Pakistan.

    Brad Johnson

    I have been on many expeditions in Nepal over the years, most of them I organized with friends and used Seven Summit Treks only for their base camp services with great service! This year none of my friends were available to climb in Nepal in the Autumn season so I contacted SST and decided to sign up for the Mera Peak and Baruntse expedition. SST organized everything and provide me with a personal climbing Sherpa for the entire trip. Throughout the entire trip, everything was taken care of by SST, including lodging, tea houses, and meals. At Baruntse base camp I had a nice private tent and the cook and kitchen staff always had smiles and cooked great meals. My Sherpa (Jangbu) was great and we became close friends and climbing partners. Jangbu was always there with a smile, a very strong climber, always wanting to help in any way he could. There was plenty of time to decide how and when we were going to make a summit push based on the weather. We had fantastic summit days on both peaks and finished the trip crossing the Amphu Labste pass into the Khumbu Valley staying each night in nice lodges with all meals included. I would highly recommend using SST for any expedition that you want to go on. Thank you Seven Summit Treks for a great trip and your attention to detail!!

    Mohamed H. Al Khalifa


    Seven summits are the best! Very professional highly recommended and fun people to work with.. 👏

    Nir Shah

    Great Britain

    My wife and I had an amazing experience with Seven Summits for the Everest Base Camp Trek. The company was extremely hospitable with a welcome dinner on day 1, including an introduction to our guide. Speaking of our guide, Phurkitar, he was simply brilliant. During the trek, he was very patient as both of us went through physical and emotional tiredness, and he ensured we reached EBC without any major issues. In addition, he helped cater to my vegan and my wife's vegetarian diets throughout the trek. Cannot compliment Phurkitar enough for all his efforts.

    Would readily book with Seven Summits again.

    Chris Huntsman


    These guys are the real deal. Incredibly professional and helpful; I genuinely couldn’t imagine hiking to base camp any other way.

    Seven summits planned everything, lodging, flights, and meals. All I had to do was show up and hike. My bag got lost on the way into Lukla (the airlines' fault not Seven Summits) but these guys (Sherpa Chhepal) organized a personal porter to bring my pack up to us since we’d already started our trek.

    Not only did Chhepal square away a porter but he did even more digging and got my bag on a helicopter instead. I had it first thing in the morning; it was incredible. When I was heading back to Kathmandu once we were finished, I realized I had time to catch an earlier flight if I could get out of Lukla on time. Well our flight was delayed but Seven Summits squoze me on a helicopter, got me to KTM, and I started making my journey home an entire day early because of that.

    Besides being super knowledgeable, helpful, A+ customer service, and everything else, these guys were just cool to hang out with. Made a lot of friends and would recommend Seven Summits to anyone in my circle.