Mt. Everest Expedition is a lifetime mountaineering experience that allows you to stand at the highest point in the world.

49 Days
5 Excellent

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  • Max. Elevation:
    8848.86m / 29,032ft
  • Walking Per Day:
    3 - 5 Hours
  • Accommodation:
    Hotel + Lodge + Tent
  • Best Season:
  • Group Size:
    1 - 5 PAX





Peak Name

Mt. Everest


49 Days


S-Col; SE- Ridge



Weather Reports



Mahalangur Range

Trip Overview

The Seven Summit Treks VIP Mt. Everest Expedition Service is a comprehensive package designed for those seeking to summit Mt. Everest in the utmost comfort and convenience.

Climbing Mt. Everest is indeed a lifetime experience and one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures that a person can undertake. Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world and is located in the Himalayas, on the border between Nepal and China. Mt. Everest, also known as The Sagarmatha in Nepali is the highest peak on the earth with an altitude of 8848.86m.

The VIP Mt. Everest Expedition Service offered by Seven Summit Treks is an exclusive package that caters to those who wish to conquer the world's highest mountain with a blend of adventure and luxury. This service is designed for those who want to experience the thrill of climbing Mt. Everest while enjoying the highest levels of comfort, and support. The service provides customized support, ensuring that every aspect of the expedition is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the client, keeping health and safety as a top priority.

The VIP Mount Everest Expedition begins with a helicopter transfer from Kathmandu to Lukla and then on to Namche Bazaar and Dingboche, with rest and acclimatization stop along the way. After reaching the Everest Base Camp, the team will spend several days acclimatizing and preparing for the ascent.

Training at Basecamp:

At the Everest Basecamp, the team will be in the capable hands of a UIAGM (International Union of Alpine Guide Associations) certified guide, who will host a comprehensive training session on the essential skills required for the climb. This training will include lessons on ice wall climbing, ladder crossing, and other techniques that will be required for the ascent. The training sessions will be an opportunity for the team to practice these skills in a controlled environment, under the guidance of experienced professionals.

The team will have the opportunity to learn about the proper use of equipment, such as crampons and ice axes, and will be taught the best techniques for ascending steep ice and snow-covered slopes. The ladder crossing training will help the team to become comfortable with the fixed ropes and ladders that will be used to cross difficult sections of the mountain.

The training sessions will be intense, but they are also designed to be fun and engaging, helping the team to bond and build confidence in their abilities. The UIAGM guide will also provide valuable advice and tips to help the team prepare for the climb, and will answer any questions they may have. Overall, the training sessions will be an important part of the team's preparation for the climb and will help to ensure their success and safety on the mountain.

Acclimatization at Lobuche:

After the completion of Training at EBC, the team will approach the summit of Lobuche Peak (6119m). The climb to the summit of Lobuche Peak (6119m) is an important acclimatization process that prepares the team for the final ascent of Mount Everest.

During the climb, the team will gain valuable experience in navigating high-altitude terrain and will be able to test their physical and mental abilities. The ascent of Lobuche Peak is also an opportunity for the team to get to know their Sherpa guides, who will play a critical role in ensuring their safety and success on the mountain, after its completion, the team returns to Everest basecamp. In addition to acclimatization, the team will spend several days at the Everest Basecamp preparing for the ascent. During their time at base camp, the team will have the opportunity to get to know their entire Sherpa team, including their lead guide, assistant guides, and support staff. This is an important bonding experience that helps to build trust and camaraderie among the team members, which will be crucial during the climb.

Preparation, Basecamp, and High-Altitude Activities:

In the Everest basecamp, the team will also perform the Pooja Ceremony, a traditional Hindu ritual that pays respect to the gods and requests their blessings for a safe and successful climb. The Pooja Ceremony is an important part of the expedition and is considered to be good luck for the team. It is a touching moment that helps to bring the team together and provides a sense of reverence for the mountain and the journey ahead.

From there, along with the required Sherpas and UIAGM guide, the team will move on to Camp I (6,065m) where they will cross the Khumbu glacier. The journey continues from the Khumbu Glacier to Camp II (6,750m) around 450m on a gradual slope, and to Camp III (7,100m) around 610m. Camp III is located at the head of Lhotse and from there the team will reach Camp IV (7,910m) after just crossing 8000 m elevations.

Final Summit Push:

The final ascent to the summit of Mount Everest (8,848m) will commence between 9 – 11 PM once the team reaches Camp IV. The ascent will take several hours and will involve navigating through challenging terrain, including the famous Hillary Step. Reaching the summit is a physically and mentally demanding task, but the breathtaking views from the top make it all worth it. Upon reaching the summit, the team will spend a short time taking in the views and capturing the moment before beginning the descent back to Camp IV. The descent will also take several hours and requires just as much focus and determination as the ascent. Once back at Camp IV, the team will rest and recover before starting the journey back down the mountain to lower elevations. This epic journey to the top of the world will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the team will cherish forever. During the entire expedition, you will be guided by a UIAGM-certified guide, ensuring a safe and successful climb. The VIP Mt. Everest Expedition Service also includes airbus support from Heli Everest (B3e Model) providing added safety and convenience during the climb.

The package includes state-of-the-art equipment and gear, as well as full board service and supplies, ensuring that climbers have access to everything they need to make the most of their expedition. This premium offering provides climbers with the excitement of climbing Mt. Everest and the comfort and convenience of a VIP service. Whether you are an experienced climber or a first-timer for 8000er, this package offers an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

" We await to serve you our service and share our experience with you "


  • Day 1
    Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to the 5-star hotel - 1350m.
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 2
    Gear Checking and Preparation -1350m.
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 3
    Briefing at Ministry of Tourism -1350m.
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 4
    Fly to Lukla by Helicopter (B3e) -2850m.

  • Day 5
    Rest in Lukla (Short Acclimatization Hike) -2850m.

  • Day 6
    Fly to Namche Bazaar by Helicopter (B3e) -3440m.

  • Day 7
    Full Rest in Namche Bazzar -3440m.

  • Day 8
    Hike to Everest View hotel: Overnight -3880m.

  • Day 9
    Fly from Everest View hotel to Dingboche (B3e) -4240m.

  • Day 10
    Rest in Dingboche (Chhukung Hike) - 4240m.

  • Day 11
    Rest in Dingboche (Acclimatization Hike to Nangkartshang Peak) - 4240m.

  • Day 12
    Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche - 4940m.

  • Day 13
    Trek from Lobuche to Gorekshep - 5150m.

  • Day 14
    Trek from Gorekshep to EBC (Seven Summit Basecamp) - 5400m.

  • Day 15-18
    Rest in Basecamp (Full Rest) -5400m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 19
    Descend back to Lobuche
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 20
    Hike from Lobuche to Lobuche High Camp - 5400m

  • Day 21
    High Camp to Lobuche Peak Summit (6119m) and back to Lobuche

  • Day 22
    Trek from Lobuche to Everest Basecamp

  • Day 23
    Acclimatization at Everest Basecamp (Rest Day)

  • Day 24
    Ladder training at basecamp (Equipment Use) -5400m.

  • Day 25
    Khumbu Icefall Training (Halfway to Khumbu Icefall - Ice climbing and ladder training) -5500m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 26
    Rest day and Puja at basecamp -5400m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 27
    Ascent to Camp I: Overnight in Camp I -6100m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 28
    Ascent to Camp II: Overnight in Camp II -6750m.

  • Day 29
    Ascent from Camp II - Touch Camp III - Lhotse Wall and return to Camp II -7000m.

  • Day 30
    Descent from Camp II to the base camp -5400m.

  • Day 31
    Fly by helicopter from EBC to Kathmandu OR Rest in Basecamp (Full Rest) -1350m.
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 32-34
    Rest in Kathmandu OR Rest in Basecamp (Full Rest) -1350m.
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 35
    Fly from Kathmandu to EBC by Helicopter OR Rest in Basecamp (Full Rest) -5400m.

  • Day 36-37
    Rest at Basecamp (Full Rest) -5400m.

  • Day 38-39
    Contingency days at basecamp due to weather window - 5400m.

  • Day 40
    Ascent to Camp II: Overnight in Camp II -6750m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 41
    Rest in Camp II: Overnight in Camp II -6750m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 42
    Ascent to Camp III: Overnight in Camp III -7100m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 43
    Ascent from Camp III to South Col (Camp IV) and Same day evening 7-8 PM start for final Summit Push-7900m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 44
    Camp IV to Summit (8848.86m, 11 AM) and Descend back to Camp IV or Camp II ** -7900m./6750m.
    Full Board
    High Camp

  • Day 45
    Descent from Camp II to the base camp Contingency days applies here -5400m.

  • Day 46
    Rest at Basecamp and Pack up

  • Day 47
    Fly to Kathmandu (5 Star Hotel) from Basecamp touching helicopter flight to Pheriche and Lukla
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 48
    Leisure day / Flight booking duration
    5 Star Hotel

  • Day 49
    Fly back to Homeland

Route Map

Cost Includes

  • ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE : Airport - Hotel transfers – Airport (Pick Up and Drop), by private vehicle.
  • HOTEL ACCOMMODATION IN KATHMANDU : 5 - 10 nights hotel in Kathmandu (5-star category) - single room on Full Board Plan (Inclusive Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner).
  • WELCOME DINNER : One Welcome Dinner in a tourist standard restaurant in Kathmandu with Office Staff.
  • CARGO CLEARANCE : Assistance for cargo clearance in Nepal’s Customs.
  • PERMIT : Single Climbing Permit of each member from the Nepal Government to climb Mt. Everest.
  • PERMITS : Expedition Royalty and permit of Lobuche Peak from NMA, Sagarmatha National Park permit, TIMS CARD & Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Permit and fee.
  • ICEFALL FEE : Khumbu Icefall climbing charge to (SPCC) Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee.
  • LIAISON OFFICER : 1 Government Liaison officer with full equipment, Daily salary, and insurance.
  • GARBAGE MANAGEMENT : Stool Shipment Transfer & Garbage Deposit fees.
  • MEMBER INSURANCE : Travel and high-altitude insurance, accident, medical & emergency evacuation for the climbing member.
  • INSURANCE : Medical & Emergency rescue Insurance for all involved Nepalese staff, Sherpas and UIAGM Guide during the trek and expedition.
  • DUFFLE BAG : Two Seven Summit Treks’ Duffle Bag.
  • MEDICAL CHECKUP : A medical checkup in Kathmandu before the expedition to ensure that the member is fit to climb and identifies any potential health risks.
  • MEMBER TRANSPORTATION : All Helicopter flights as per the Itinerary. From Kathmandu - Lukla - Namche, Namche - Dingboche, During the expedition return back to Kathmandu and after Expedition from Everest BC to Kathmandu.
  • REST IN KATHMANDU : Helicopter flight from Everest base camp - Kathmandu - Everest Base camp via Namche (1 time) if required. Full Board accommodation at 5 Star hotel in Kathmandu.
  • EXPEDITION STUFFS TRANSPORTATION : All necessary expedition equipment transportation for all Members and Staff from Kathmandu to Lukla (by air cargo) and Base camp (by Porters / Yak) – While returning: Base camp to Lukla (by porters / Yak) and Lukla to Kathmandu (by air cargo). Based on the condition, different transportation variants may adopt.
  • TREKKING LOGISTIC : All necessary logistic management during the trek along with a UIAGM guide and private cook, who will cook food for a member. Overnight stay at upgraded lodges (attached restroom) and member’s all personal belongings will be carried by porters or helicopter.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER / VIDEOGRAPHER : One Personal Photo / Videographer during the entire trip, including a filming permit.
  • MEMBER LUGGAGE : Up to 200 Kg of member’s luggage during the trek carried by porters and helicopter.
  • MEMBER PERSONAL EQUIPMENT : Clothing, Packing Items, Bags, Personal Medical kits, and all kinds of Personal Trekking / Climbing Gear.
  • FOOD AND LODGING : 3 meals (no limit) a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner; including tea and coffee) along with accessible accommodation at Hotel/Lodge during the trek and at the Basecamp. Hygienic and fresh green vegetables, fresh meat, fruits, soft drinks, and juice will be served regularly during the entire expedition using helicopter flights. Well-managed base camp set up for members & Staff.
  • DRINKING : Hot water, tea, coffee, beer, wine, etc. during the trek and the Expedition is of no limit.
  • PORTER : Porters per member up to the basecamp and from the basecamp (both ways).
  • BASE CAMP STAFF : Experienced and well-trained Base Camp Cook & kitchen Helpers as required.
  • PRIVATE COOK : A private cook is provided during the entire expedition, preparing a variety of European, Continental, Asian, and Chinese meals for the members during both the trek and expedition.
  • STAFF SALARY AND ALLOWANCE : All Nepalese staff & porter’s daily wages, salary, equipment, food & clothing.
  • BASE CAMP TENT : Each member will have an individual box tent in Base Camp.
  • BASE CAMP EQUIPMENT : Single Box Tent, foam mattresses and pillow per member, 1 Dinning Tent, 1 Kitchen Tent, 1 Communication tent, 1 Toilet & 1 Shower Tent, 1 Staffs Tent, 1 Tent for Nepalese base camp staff, Store tent, Tables & chairs & all necessary cooking gears.
  • WHITE DOME TENT : One White Big Dome luxury tent, for dining, coffee station, and relaxation.
  • COFFEE/SPARKLING WATER/ALL BEVERAGE : All kinds of hot and cold beverages will be served during the trek and at the base camp.
  • BAKERY AND BAR AT BASE CAMP : Bakery and bar for the team members of Seven Summit Treks.
  • HEATER : Heater at base camp in each tent for members.
  • SOLAR/GENERATOR/LIGHT : 1 Solar panel and Generator for lights at base camp, battery charge, for laptop and other electronic devices.
  • TELEVISION : One 42’’ television set with satellite dish home antenna at the base camp with DVD player and projector set.
  • TRAINING : Oxygen, Mask Regulator, Ice wall, and Ladder training at basecamp by UIAGM Guide.
  • LOBUCHE PEAK CLIMB : All necessary arrangements for climbing Lobuche peak.
  • DOCTOR : One Medical Doctor at basecamp along with a comprehensive medical kit for the member.
  • UIAGM GUIDE : 1 UIAGM guide will be with you from Kathmandu – Basecamp – High Camps – Summit – Basecamp - Kathmandu all the time for your Guidance.
  • HIGH ALTITUDE CLIMBING SHERPA : 4 veterans and government-licensed climbing Sherpa per member, during the entire climb from Basecamp to the summit and back, and on each rotation. They will be helping in each step during the ascent and carrying all the member belongings, Oxygen Bottles, and necessary stuff for high camps till to the summit and back to the base camp.
  • ASSISTANCE : Climbing Sherpa to assist in carrying your gear to the high camps.
  • UIAGM AND CLIMBING SHERPA SALARY & ALLOWANCE : Climbing Sherpa’s Salary, Equipment, Food, and Clothing.
  • BONUS : Carry Bonus of Sherpas and Route Fixing Charges.
  • NEW OXYGEN CYLINDERS AND MASK REGULATOR FOR MEMBER : 15 Bottles of (4 Liters) Oxygen to members and 2 sets of tested brand-new masks and regulators.
  • OXYGEN AND MASK REGULATOR FOR SHERPAS : 5 Bottles of Oxygen to each climbing Sherpa and to UIAGM guide and 1 set of masks and regulators to each of them.
  • HIGH CAMP SERVICE (INFRASTRUCTURE AND LOGISTICS) : High Altitude Tent, Necessary cooking EPI gas, cooking pot, High food for a member, Sherpa, and other crews at (C1) (C2) (C3) and (C4). Group climbing gears, fixed and dynamic rope during the climbing period as required.
  • HIGH CAMP KITCHEN AND DINING : Member will have Mountain Hardware Space Station Kitchen and Dining Tent at Camp II.
  • HIGH ALTITUDE TENT : Members will share tents in high camps (2 members: 1 tent).
  • ROPE FIXING TEAM : The Team of Experienced Sherpas (from the Expedition Operators Association of Nepal) Will Fix the Route to The Summit of Everest (No Extra Charge Will Be Applied to Members).
  • SPECIAL CARE BY DIRECTORS : Guidance and instruction by Mingma Sherpa 1ST South Asian to climb all 8000m. peak, Chhang Dawa Sherpa all 8000er summiteer and Tashi Lakpa Sherpa Multiple Everest Summiteer, and many more 8000 M Mountain Summiteer.
  • GAMOW BAG : 1 Rescue sled (Gamow bag) for an emergency.
  • RESCUE TEAM : A team of Sherpa at Camp II and Camp IV, for emergency and rescue purposes.
  • UNLIMITED INTERNET SERVICE : THURAYA IP+ or Available Internet service at base camp and Camp II on an unlimited uses basis.
  • SATELLITE PHONE TO CALL : Provision of a Satellite Phone to call family, friends, and Relatives 1 hour a day.
  • WALKIE-TALKIE : Walkie–Talkie for communicating from Base Camp to Mountain and Mountain to Base Camp.
  • PERMIT : Satellite Phone/walkie-talkie permit for all members and staff.
  • WEATHER FORECASTER : Weather forecast report from Meteotest, Bern (Switzerland), and Local weather report from Nepal Government during the entire expedition.
  • 12 HOURS HELI SERVICE : In case of need we have our Helicopter as the priority for your safety, all day.
  • RELAXATION TENT : Personal relaxation tent at Basecamp for members, a serene space where individuals can engage in yoga, meditation, head and foot massage, reading, and other calming activities.
  • SUMMIT BONUS : Summit bonus for UIAGM Guide, climbing Sherpa, and all tips for basecamp and high camp staff are included.
  • CERTIFICATE : Everest and Lobuche peak climbing certificate issued by MoCTCA and NMA (after climbing Mt. Everest and Lobuche successfully).

Cost Excludes

  • AIR FARE : International flight airfare (from and to Kathmandu).

Fixed Dates

Date Status Group Size Action
49 Days
Start Date- 2024-04-07
End Date-2024-05-25
Booking Open Group Size 1 - 2 PAX Inquire Now Book Now


  • Philip Clough


    We spent 2020 and 2021 climbing with Seven Summits Treks, and to sum up that lengthy period, they were simply outstanding!! You know from the outset that it is a family-run business because immediately upon arrival you feel like a member of the extended family. Nothing is too much trouble, and they take great care to make sure that you are in the best possible position to achieve your aim. I have been very fortunate to have climbed three Nepalese peaks with Seven Summits, and I very much hope to climb many more with them and their team.

    A brilliant company that I would highly, highly recommend to anyone thinking of climbing or trekking in Nepal!!

  • Chris Burrows


    After many months of researching the best Company in Nepal to facilitate the Bahrain Everest summit attempt, it became very obvious that there was only one company to make this happen. SST from start to Finish excelled in every aspect of the expedition planning and delivery. Their knowledge was passed in from the very start especially when it came to safety, insurance, and rescue provisions for the team. The equipment that was provided for Mt Lobuche, Mt Manaslu, and then Mt Everest was second to none. Where equipment rarely failed it was replaced.

    The contact throughout by their admin team was constant and provided us with the support we needed. - Chris (Bahrain Everest Team Leader)

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    Highlight Of Trip

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    Tunc Findik


    Been with Seven Summit Treks for many years, done all 8000ers ! Services are perfect !! Recently joined Cholatse Expedition - Summit Success

    Lukáš Jasenský

    Czech Republic

    Mardi Himal trek. A wonderful trek ideal even for beginners. Wonderful views, great facilities. Our choice for this trek was through our honeymoon. Seven Summit Treks organized and prepared everything. Sherpa Tashi and porter Nima were great. We could talk, they always prepared everything. I have been in contact with the guys from Seven Summit Treks since the expedition to Makalu and I know that I can rely on them. Thank you for your help and wonderful experience. And see you at the next event.

    Sofie Lenaerts


    Our first co-operation was in 2013 in Pakistan with Arnold Coster expeditions and Sevensummittreks towards the Gasherbrum. After that, we continued to work together on expeditions towards Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Manaslu (winter), and AmaDablam. For me, SST is a very professional company with a lot of experience and knowledge. We have full confidence in their capabilities and appreciate their flexibility. I would like to thank them for all those years of cooperation and I look forwards to new adventures in Nepal and Pakistan.

    Brad Johnson


    I have been on many expeditions in Nepal over the years, most of them I organized with friends and used Seven Summit Treks only for their base camp services with great service! This year none of my friends were available to climb in Nepal in the Autumn season so I contacted SST and decided to sign up for the Mera Peak and Baruntse expedition. SST organized everything and provide me with a personal climbing Sherpa for the entire trip. Throughout the entire trip, everything was taken care of by SST, including lodging, tea houses, and meals. At Baruntse base camp I had a nice private tent and the cook and kitchen staff always had smiles and cooked great meals. My Sherpa (Jangbu) was great and we became close friends and climbing partners. Jangbu was always there with a smile, a very strong climber, always wanting to help in any way he could. There was plenty of time to decide how and when we were going to make a summit push based on the weather. We had fantastic summit days on both peaks and finished the trip crossing the Amphu Labste pass into the Khumbu Valley staying each night in nice lodges with all meals included. I would highly recommend using SST for any expedition that you want to go on. Thank you Seven Summit Treks for a great trip and your attention to detail!!

    Mohamed H. Al Khalifa


    Seven summits are the best! Very professional highly recommended and fun people to work with.. 👏