Who & When : Manaslu Autumn 2017

  • September 28, 2017

18 Sep 2017

Rope fixing team made first Summit of Manaslu - 2017

(L-R) Nga Tashi, Dawa Chiring, Karma Gyalzen & Damai Sarki

Local time (9:54am) : The team of rope fixing from Seven Summit Treks has made the first successful summit of Mt. Manalsu (8,163m). Karma Gyalzen Sherpa informed to basecamp that they fixed the rope to the summit of world’s 8th highest peak. The team was followed and assist by two sherpas  Phurba Tashi Sherpa and Ngima Sona and two climbing members Dan Horne (England) and Frank Seidel (Germany) of Himex. The members of fixing team from SST Nga Tashi Sherpa, Damai Sarki and Dawa Chiring also made the summit of Manalsu.


25 Sep 2017

Seven Summit Treks Summit Updates : 25 Sep 2017

Ryu Heewon (L) and Kwon Oh Kuen (R) both Korea

Kwon Oh Kuen and RyunHeewon (f) from Korean along with their sherpa Pemba Thinduk and Tendi Sherpa from Makalu, also summited 8th highest peak. The team started on 22nd Sep and followed C1 -C3- C4 and summit. The team was followed to summit by Nima Tenji Sherpa.

More than 25 members will summit today from SST as our schedule.

More than 10 people summited from other agencies including Tag Nepal.

2 members named Qu JiaoJiao (f) from China with her sherpa Pastenji Sherpa and Ren Ruijin from china with his sherpa Dawa Gyaljie aka ang dawa.

Xu Hong bin (China) and his sherpa Chhangba Sherpa summited at 8:40am.

Halung Dorje and his client Li Haiying (f) China scaled Manaslu.

Summit update: 
Congratulations to Aparna Kumar(f) from India and his Sherpa AngTemba Sherpa as they summited Manaslu this morning.

Chhang Dawa Sherpa (L) and Aparna Kumar (R) from India

Chinese member from Zhang Wei team named Ms. Ge Shuiqin and her sherpa Dawa Furi made successful summit of Mt. Manaslu.

Ms. He Jing (f) From China (without Use of Supplementary Oxygen) and Mr. Lakpa Nuru Sherpa aka Tate Lakpa made successful summit of Manaslu : 25 Sep 11:40am.Now Ms. He Jing is the first lady from China to conquer 8000m mountain without use of artificial oxygen bottle. On 21st sep she was at C1, 22 sep C2, 23sep C4 and summit 25 sep.

Yang Weibin (China) and sherpa Pasang Dawa (makalu) made summit of Manaslu.

Today’s summit detail from  Seven Summit Treks

Total Clients: 11 
2 korean, 8 Chinese & one Indian

Total Sherpa: 12
3 sherpa with korean team, 8 sherpas with Chin se Team & 1 with Indian.


26 Sep 2017

26 sep 6:35am

Summit update

Mexican climber Saenz Aguilar Eduardo and Pasang Nurbu Sherpa has made successful summit of Mt. Manalsu on 26th Sep 2017. Yesterday 23 total climber conquered the Mt. Manalsu from Seven Summit Treks by this the total conquest of 8th highest mountain is 25 in this season.

Australian climber SAYER WILLIAM DOUGHERTY III and Ang Dawa Sherpa also summited Mt. Manaslu this morning.

Jiang Shaoyong (China) his sherpa Phurba Ongdi, Guo Lunfei and his sherpa Mingtemba Summited Manaslu this morning.

Lu Chung-Han (Taiwan) successful climbed Manaslu without use of Oxygen.

Saeid Mirzaei from Iran made successful summit of Mt. Manaslu without use of Supplementary Oxygen.

Seven Summit Treks Total Summits Update:

Total Member summits: 6 
1 Iranian + 1 Mexican + 2 Chinese + 1 Australian + 1 Taiwanese

Total Sherpa summits : 5
1 with Mexican + 2 with Chinese + 1 with Australian

1 Iranian and 1 Taiwanese climbed own their own with out use of personal sherpa and supplementary Oxygen.


27 Sep 2017

Mt.Manaslu 8163m Summit update:

32 summit this morning from Seven Summit Treks

Sung IL Nam (Korea) his Sherpa Thilen.
Xiaodong Li (China) his Sherpa pasang Dukpa.
Huang Yating (F) from China and her Sherpa pasang Temba.
Hu Ming (China) his Sherpa Mingma Thinduk.
Cheng Li-Lan (China) his Sherpa Dawa Sangay.
Zhang Cheng (China) his Sherpa Lhakpa Temba.
Zhao Lijia (China) his Sherpa Tenji Chumbi aka Badure.
Gu Zhenxiong (China) his sherpa Ngima Dorchi aka Indian Ngima.
Li Wenlei (China) and his Sherpa Ang Demba.
Wang Xiaoxiang (China)his sherpa Phurba.
Zhu Chuankun (China) his sherpa Ngima Dorchi.
J/Ding Caixia (China) his Sherpa Ming Dukpa.
Hang Xing (China) his Sherpa Vinayak Jay Malla.
Lianwen Gao (China) and his sherpa Tashi.
3 climber from FRANCE (without use of Oxygen )supplement and their Sherpa Mingma Tenjen aka Saila Pipa.

Pic of Csaba

Varga Csaba Hungary Summited Manaslu Without Oxygen on 27 Sep.


28 Sep 2017

28-sep / 16 Ascents in total.

Summit updates from Arnold Coster Team (SST)

1)Ms. Zhong Miao (China) and her Sherpa Ngima Dorchi.
2)Zydenbos Tom Eric (Netherland) and his Sherpa Pasang Temba.
3)Ms. Kolonic Sanja (Australia) and her Sherpa Tashi.
4)Ms. Boerwinkel Adrienne Marina(Netherland) and her Sherpa Pasang Gyalje.
5)Cruz Y Celis Ehlinger Miguel Oscar (Mexico) and his Sherpa Mingma Nurbu.
6) Vargas Vargas Jorge Franciso (USA) and his Sherpa Nima Thinduk.
7) KARMA Sherpa As a Sherpa Guide of the team. 
8)Graciela Flor Cuenca (peru) without support of personal Sherpa and without use of supplementary Oxygen. 
9) Laviziano Angiolo Wolfgang (Germany) and his Sherpa Chhangba.

In total this morning 8 members and 8 Sherpas made summit of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m).

Now we have 2 mexican members left for final summit push again.

This morning Laviziano Angiolo Wolfgang (Germany) climbed Mt. Manalsu without use of artificial Oxygen bottle. Angiolon was assist by his climbing Sherpa named Chhangba.

Long queue of Climbers ascending from Camp 3 to Camp 4. 

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