Mt. Lhoste successfully summited after 4 years gap by Seven Summit Treks team.

  • May 16, 2017

First Summit of Mt.Lhotse 2017 : 

Route fixed by 07 Sherpas and these Sherpa guides were organized by Seven Summit Treks and 14 Peak Expedition company.
01 Norway , 01 Bulgarian and 01 Indian climbers reached to the Summit of Mt.Lhotse at 5pm and they are planning to comeback to Camp 2 today and again they will attempt Mt.Everest.There are more then 150 climbers attempting Mt.Lhotse including Sherpa guides ! 
Mt.Lhotse was not summit by any players  after 2013 because of big incident in Khumbu icefall in 2014 killed 16 Sherpas by avalanche.
Mt.Lhotse was not summit in 2014 and again in 2015 no one reached at summit due to earthquake and in 2016 many climbers attempted to climb Mt.Lhotse but no one summit all climbers returned back from 8460m because one fixing team Sherpa guide fell down after that all the players canceled the summit attempt.

This is good news for the all mountaineering community that Mt.Lhotse is successfully summit after 4 years by Seven Summit Treks team.

We are updating with the names and other complete details soon. Please check our web page