7 Members from Seven Summit Treks reached at Top of Mt. MAKALU SUMMIT on 18th May 2014, SPRING

  • February 21, 2017

Name List of Climbing member who summited Mt. Makalu on 18th May 2014 are listed as under:

1.   Mr. Adolphus Gordon Hancock/ Canadian
2.   Mr. DraganCelikovic/Serbia
3.   Mr. Arvid Lennard Lahit/Norway
4.   Ms. Monique Richard/ Canadian
5.   Mr. Gatta Philippe Francois Erasme/France
6.   Mr. Roux Frederic George Gilbert/SWISS
7.   Mr. Horn Michael Fredrick/SWISS


Name List of Sherpa Summiter are: 

1. Pechumbe Sherpa

2. Sange Furi Sherpa

3. Mingma Gyabu Sherpa

4. Nang Dawa Sherpa

5. Nima Dorchi Sherpa

6.Dowa Sherpa

7. Furba Sherpa

8. Lakpa Sherpa